The Kia'i Wellness Mission

Kia’i Wellness exists to make well-balanced holistic practices more accessible in our community. Our carefully curated provider partners treat their clients with the same care and compassion they would want to receive. We know that mental and physical wellbeing are intertwined, and what practices will align them for optimal function.

As proponents of wellness, we have a responsibility to work together with people from all walks of life to help them achieve health and balance. Bringing this healing intention forward in our work provides support to our clients and in doing so, to the greater community.

What does Kia'i mean?

The name Kia’i is derived from an appreciation of the Hawaiian and Japanese cultures. It’s pronounced “Kee-uh-ee”

          Hawaiian – a guardian, one who has the responsibilities of the protection and preservation of a person, place, or thing

          Japanese – Ki means “Energy” and Ai means “Join”, or simply put, the convergence of energy.

How We’ll Achieve It

Currently an online platform, we aspire to creating more physical presence in the Boise, Idaho area. Look for Kia’i sponsored events in your favorite community spaces, and sign up for our newsletter to get all the early news.

Our intention is to co-create space where all feel welcome to connect and share in whole-body and spirit oriented wellness.

Meet the Founder - Cindy Coelho

I feel it’s important to say upfront that I’m not a medical provider. I don’t have any perogative to try and sell you on visiting my personal practice or encourage you to buy a specific solution for your problems.

I am a person who has greatly benefitted from holistic medicine. My mission is to help as many people as I can reap the benefits of holistic treatments, just as I have.

I have a deep appreciation for the positive impact that holistic approaches have had on my life. My personal experience with the modern-day health care system has been less than stellar. I’ve felt disregarded, unheard, and treated as though I didn’t have insight into my own body and mental wellbeing.

With holistic wellness approaches, I feel acknowledged and not rushed. These practices have kept me grounded and expanded my awareness and attunement with my mind and body. I have seen powerful results. I feel more engaged and connected to my physical and mental wellness. I deal with less stress and anxiety which has improved my sleep, my eating patterns, and overall bodily function.

I like that for me. And I want to share it with you.

I write about these experiences and more on the Kia’i Wellness Blog. I hope you check it out, and feel free to say hi 🙂