Services & Providers

Acupuncture & Fire Cupping Therapy.

Lauren Howell – LAC

Elemental Healing
4948 W Kootenai Suite 103e
Boise, ID 83705

With a Bachelor of Science in Herbal Science and a Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Lauren integrates modalities from Eastern and Western Holistic traditions to support her patients healing journey. Whether you choose the invigorating pull of fire cupping, soothing acupuncture or wish to enhance your radiant beauty with microneedling or cosmetic acupuncture, Lauren Howell is here to provide you caring, connected treatments.

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Thai Yoga Bodywork

Bonnie Oshea

2008 S Euclid Ave
Boise, ID 83706

For 12 years Bonnie has brought this multifaceted bodywork form to the Boise community. Infusing her sessions with Reiki techniques, she creates a space of subtle energetic healing to hold this dynamic physical practice. Thai Yoga Bodywork uses compression, stretching, rocking movement, and acupressure to relieve tension and promote relaxation. You will be guided through specific positions to balance the flow of energy throughout your body.


Kendy Radasky (MS, FNTP, RWP)

What Feeds Me
Nutritional Therapy
1416 W Washington St
Boise, ID 83702

Kendy Radasky established her private practice in Boise over five years ago and has helped hundreds of people reach their health goals through the power of nutrition. She holds a graduate degree in biological sciences from the University of Arizona and trained as a Nutritional Therapist with the Nutritional Therapy Association. Working with a nutritionist can help with recovery from digestive dysfunction, stabilizing blood sugar imbalances, weight loss goals, and easing symptoms of chronic diseases.

Somatic Movement Therapy

Matthew Nelson (MFA, CLMA, LSMT, LMT, LBDC)

750 E Warm Springs Ave. Studio D
Boise, ID 83712

Matthew Nelson has 25 years of understanding and communicating embodied experience. He holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Modern Dance, is a Licensed SMT, LMT, Certified Laban Movement Analyst, and LBDC Pilates Certified. Somatic Movement Therapy can address numerous conditions. Trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD and chronic physical pain are all held and accessed through the body’s network. In addition to finding relief, SMT can help you build new patterns for increased focus, energy, and physical and emotional strength.