Get relief and build resilience at the same time.

Thai Yoga Bodywork takes recovery to a new level. Combining dynamic stretches with deep tissue massage, each session soothes your muscles and expands your neuromuscular capacity – so body and mind are more connected and prepared to take on the demands of life.

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Bonnie has an amazing ability to combine massage, flexibility and an overall opening of heart, body, and mind in one customized – one-of-a-kind -Thai massage session.  Truly integrative bodywork expertly delivered with keen awareness and kindness.  Thank you for giving your gifts for the benefit of others!
~ Heather

You are in good hands

Bonnie O’Shea, Thai Yoga Bodywork Therapist

Bonnie initially took up a yoga practice 20+ years ago to complement her active outdoor pursuits in the backcountry of Colorado. After relocating to McCall, Idaho her practice became the focal point of her fitness as well as her personal and spiritual development. In 2008, she followed her heart, enrolling in and completing her RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training at Shanti. In the midst of this training, Bonnie received her first Thai treatment. She knew immediately that she had uncovered the key to her work in the world.

In 2010, Bonnie completed her advanced training and certification in the Northern style of Chang Mai, Asokananda lineage at Ritam Healing Arts. In 2018, she became a Level II Reiki practitioner enveloping her sessions and clients with this beautiful energy work. Bonnie is currently expanding her studies in Ayurveda at the Zen Spot Institute.

Office Location

2008 S Euclid Ave
Boise, ID 83706

Bonnie’s work is deeply nourishing for all parts of the being. Her invitation to rest and receive is the medicine, her gentle and intuitive bodywork provides the mind, body and spirit time to integrate and heal. Her work is truly a gift.
~ Jennifer

Thai Yoga Bodywork Services

General Bodywork

These techniques ease muscle and connective tissue tension and release generalized stress, which promotes better relaxation, circulation, and connection. You will feel structurally refreshed as the work gently penetrates to the bones of the body. This work is perfect for wellness maintenance, to assist the body to rebound after illness, injury, and trauma, to support health and fitness goals, and to simply feel vital, strong, grounded, embodied, and alive!


  • $145/90 Min.
  • $175/120 Min.

Benefits of Thai Yoga Bodywork

  • Stretches and tonifies the muscles
  • Relieves stress, muscular tension and spasm
  • Improved circulation (blood, lymph)
  • Helps expedite metabolism
  • Boosts the immune system (increases vital energy)
  • Energetic balance = calm mental state

Clinically supported results

Clinical evidence supports the longstanding anecdotal awareness that Thai Yoga Bodywork produces substantial effects, with one meta-analysis of several studies finding up to 80% reduction in chronic pain and improvements in disability, perceived muscle tension, flexibility and anxiety.

What is Thai Yoga Bodywork?

Thai Yoga Bodywork is an ancient and elegant therapeutic art, shared for the purpose of harmonizing energy in the body. Conceived by an Ayurvedic doctor and celebrated yogi in India, it traveled to and took root in the Buddhist temples of Thailand, making the temples healing centers. It has been passed down through centuries as this doctor, Jivaka, attended to the health of the Buddha.

Every session addresses the whole body, yet each is tailored to your specific needs in the moment. Thai techniques incorporate compression, traction, stretching, acupressure points, joint mobilization, and percussion. Thai treatments are appropriate for all ages and stages of life. It meets you where you are – to align your body with balance and healthy self-regulation.

Learn more about how Thai Yoga Bodywork can improve your wellbeing on the Kia’i Wellness Blog.

I have been working with Bonnie on a bi-monthly basis for over a year. I came to her after suffering a serious illness that caused constant physical pain within various areas of my body. Her bodywork technique and fully conscious approach to Thai massage has made all the difference in my recovery and continued health and wellbeing.
I have movement abilities in my physical structure that I did not have prior to working with her and she has also been the perfect compliment to my new rigorous training schedule. Athletes and non-athletes alike will benefit tremendously from her style and knowledge of this work. In addition, Bonnie is one of the best human beings I know, and sharing space in this way has been heartfelt and uplifting.
~ Satyavani

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